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Let's Create a Better Chicago

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Chicago is a great city. But we're also a city in crisis. Let's work together to resolve this violence epidemic. Let's create a better Chicago for all of us. For all neighborhoods. For all Chicagoans. For all of our children.

Join Parents for Peace and Justice as we collaborate to fight violence and promote peace with Chicagoans, parents, neighbors, the youth, businesses, community leaders, other local and national non-profits, and professional sports teams and associations.

We are coming together to provide real solutions that help reduce violence in our streets, such as offering programs for children, teens and young adults to keep them off the streets, and providing counseling services to families who have lost loved ones to violence.

Want to help make this city better? Reach out today to see how you can make a difference. Volunteer and partner opportunities include:

  • helping with anti-violence programs

  • community outreach to help fight poverty

  • providing professional services to Chicagoans suffering due to the violence

  • participating in marching in peaceful anti-violence demonstrations

  • attending vigils for those who have been murdered in this city

  • helping with fundraising and building awareness

Together. That's how we stop violence. We must come together to support, love and embrace our neighbors and their children. We need your help.

Peace for all neighborhoods. Photo credit:


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