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Meet 3 Amazing People Working Tirelessly for Peace in Chicago

We're honored to have so many lovely people in our lives who have dedicated their lives to fight violence and promoting peace. Today Elizabeth (one of our founders) and some of our Angel Moms (mothers who have lost their children) presented service and appreciation awards for three special people who have gone above and beyond in helping our communities.

Meet Lisette Dawson, Producer of Case Files Chicago. Through the Case Files TV show she runs and produces, she brings awareness to murder cases that desperately need attention. She listens to the deep pain running through this city, and she is a true advocate for victims of violence.

Meet Maxwell Emcays runs Never Forget Chicago. For many years, he's supported families of loved ones lost across this city by honoring their names and stories through art and action. He's been a friend and supporter of Parents for Peace and Justice since we started, and he partners with many other anti-violence organizations that are doing amazing things in this city.

Elizabeth also honored our very own Robert Torres, who co-founded Parents for Peace & Justice with Elizabeth. Since Day One, Robert has worked tirelessly to bring peace and justice to our streets. Through his action and leadership, Parents for Peace of Justice continues to grow and help more families and children in need.

Thank you Lisette, Maxwell and Robert for dedicating your lives to peace and giving your hearts and souls to making this city safer for us all. We are forever grateful.

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